Tyes of Generosity

Some wonderful revelations came to me this evening.

I ride a jeepney to work on Tuesday nights. Tonight, a guy went ahead of me in boarding the vehicle. He stepped in and then decided to take the empty seat near the entry so he took a half step back and bumped into me. He said he was surprised. I was pissed off.

A little further on, more passengers boarded and the long bench where I was seated became full. The lady beside me was pulling out loose change for her fare. Her arm was actually crossing over my upper torso but she continued. Again, I was annoyed by a fellow passenger.

Finally, a blind man boarded and the guy at the end had no choice but to move over and give the blind man his seat. The blind man had been guided to the wrong vehicle but we were a ways off already. So the lady beside me volunteered to help him transfer at the point where she would be getting off.

As we rolled along, the guy I bumped into engaged the blind man in conversation. They had a lively chat. It seemed like the blind man was enjoying the fact that this guy was giving him the time of day.

You really don't know what is in a person's heart.

Chuckie's Pizza

A former colleague when I was teaching announced that he was opening a pizza place. I told my nephew who was into food. He said he was wary about small pizza joints because they tended to not so satisfactory. He grew up liking Sjhakey's pizzas and that was his barometer.. He said he could do better than most of those local pizzas. Actually, for some of those pizzas, I would agree with him.

 Anyways, he finally agreed to pick up a sample. It would be a good excuse to bring out his bike. He decided to go for the Napoletana and the Bacon flavoured pizzas. He mentioned other flavours like the 3 Cheese (which his cousin might like because this one loved cheese) and a Shrimp Wasabe.

Okay so we got a pitcher of tea and sat down to eat. The comments.

"This better than [those other pizzas]"
"Cheese is good"
"Crust is chewy"

And some other nice things were said about the flavour. But we had one major complaint.

"How come he did not have a box for take out?"

Oh yes, Chuckie, considering you have a small space, expect to hand out a lot of take outs. Get those boxes printed!

Chuckie's Pizza can be found at The Square Magiting, 51 Magiting Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City. 

Rainy Nights

If only I was able to stay home all the time, rainy days and nights would be wonderful times. The sound of rain on the window and the tin roofs sometimes make me feel relaxed and even sleepy.

However, I have to go to meetings every now and then. Like a couple of days ago when we had a meeting at Kenny Rogers along Matalino Street. We were just wrapping up when we heard thunder. Some minutes later, we distinctly saw lightning. That was when we all stood up, paid up and wlaked out.

I was walking home, I live in the village.Great timing.I was right in front of 7-11 when the rain started to pour. I was so glad I went inside because what followed was a torrent.

You really have to welcome providential blessings.